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What Is Anxiety Disorder? : Let’s Have A Look

What Is Anxiety Disorder? : Let's Have A Look

The person’s response to the real or imaginary fear or threat is known as the anxiety. In anxiety the symptoms are just like the actual threat like body sweating, a sudden increase of the breathing, fast heartbeat, feeling dizzy and uneasiness. Not only human beings animals also have anxiety. Almost all people have anxiety at some point in time of their lives. The anxiety turns into the disorders when the person is unable to control his thoughts. This increase the nervousness and anxiety is the trigger to your nervousness to the threat to us. CBD oil is the best medication for treating anxiety like issues. it is also best proven to fight anxiety in pets too.

Here are some of the symptoms that a person can easily get to know about anxiety:

  • Due to worries feeling uneasy and shaky.
  • Never get concentrate on the daily activity
  • Due to expectations of the future events, people start trembling.
  • Feeling worried thinking about the very bad is going to happen to you.

Anxiety is the mental disorder that person sometimes not notice and spends life with carrying it further. But never ignore such symptoms because this can lead to serious symptoms in the future that can spoil the life of the individual and the family too. If ignored their occurs mental health complication if not handled properly. Nervousness increases and decreases when the mental thinking and understanding changes with the situation.

Types of anxiety:

  • Panic Disorder– Here the person feels panic about the situation and feels nervous about to handle it.
  • Agoraphobia– Person when having the phobia of certain places from where he feels fear of escaping out.
  • Specific Phobias– There is a fear of a certain place, animal or the situation.
  • GAD( generalized anxiety disorder)– Getting upset about certain things, excessive and unnecessary tension occurs.
  • Social Anxiety Disorder– people here are afraid to mix up in the society and have fear of being judged and feeling embarrassment in the public place.

Anxiety if notice in the initial period can be treated well and completely. But if ignored it turns into the serious symptoms. Counseling is the way to treat t well. Psychologist, health care physician and the counselor are there to handle the patient. Medications are provided according to the severity and the condition of the patient. The doctor will analyze the condition of the patient. Dosage is prescribed that is to be strictly followed by the patient to have the complete recovery. Self-help method can also be adopted by the individual to cure the anxiety fast. An individual can try the techniques like hypnosis to program their mind to fight against anxiety. Positive affirmation is given to the patient that is repeated timely to have the better results. Anxiety is not an inevitable disease, it can be completely and quickly be treated if notice at the earlier stage. Have a healthy life by adopting a healthy lifestyle.


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