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Randal Benjamin How Do You Prepare for a Basketball Game

Randal Benjamin How Do You Prepare for a Basketball Game

Basketball is one such sport that improves not only your individual skills but also the skills of the other members of your team. When the day of your game arrives, ensure you are focused and have rested well, the more prepared you are for the game, the better will be your focus.

Randal Benjamin- Preparing for the game

Randal Benjamin is an athlete from Las Vegas in Nevada. He is fond of football and basketball. His favorite teams are the Oakland Raiders and LA Lakers. He says that before you have a major tournament, make sure you eat high carbohydrate and low-fat meals a few days before the game. Your primary source of energy comes from carbohydrates, and you should consume your meals at least 12-15 hours before the game. Low-fat meals will help your body to digest the food easily.

What should you eat?

The food you eat may include chicken and fish, bread, pasta with sauce. On the day of the game, you can eat a filling breakfast that can include low-fat milk, waffles, pancakes, cereals or oatmeal. On the afternoon before the game, eat a light lunch. Your meal can include sandwiches with a low- fat filling like whole grains and lean meats or whole fruits. Experts say that before the game you should not try any new food as it will upset your stomach. They recommend you should eat the same meals daily when you play a tournament.

The need for rehydrating your body

Experts of the game say you should rehydrate your body. When you are playing basketball, your body tends to sweat a lot. They suggest you should drink water consistently every day instead of drinking water only when you feel thirsty.

Remember to pack your things

Before the game remember to pack everything, you need the day before. Take a pre-game snack, sports pads, undergarments, etc. and everything you need for the game in your bag.

The importance of time be punctual

As a basketball player, you must value the importance of time and never be late on the field. You should be aware of the time and place of play. If needed make all your travel arrangements in advance. This will alleviate the stress of you arriving late for the game.

Last but not least, get at least 6-8 hours of sleep. If needed plan ahead and make sure that you get sound sleep on the night before the game. You should keep and maintain a planner so that they do not have to fulfill last obligations before the game. minute

Randal Benjamin says basketball is an exciting sport however when you are a player you have the responsibility of preparing well for any game. Your performance will inspire others in your team so plan well much ahead of time. It is vital for you to make arrangements for transportation well in advance if you need to travel far for a basketball tournament or game. This will assure you will never miss a game!


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